Tara Block’s Portfolio

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

I launched, wrote, and project managed the renowned annual POPSUGAR Reading Challenge for eight years.

Product Reviews and Experiments

From hair dye to desk treadmills, I’ve tested and reviewed beauty, fitness, fashion, wellness, home, and food products, writing engaging and informative articles that include my own original photography.

Profiles and Interviews

I’ve conducted interviews with celebrities, bestselling authors, and founders for written stories, videos, and brand marketing materials.

Special Projects and Campaigns

I executed editorial brand campaigns, including headline and concept ideation, content management, and writing SEO-and social-optimized copy.

Original Digital Illustrations

I’ve hand-drawn original digital illustrations and GIFs for articles, infographics, and iMessage app stickers.

Essays That Get Personal

Whether I’m writing about a book that moved me, the power of friendship during the pandemic, or my number one travel tip, I’m not afraid to share my own story, personality, and opinions to connect with readers.

Additional Editorial and Design Work

Product Reviews, Experiments, and Recipes With Original Photography


Interviews and Profiles

On-Camera Work

Special Projects

Brand Marketing

Original Digital Illustrations